Tuesday, November 12, 2019

NFL teams invited to Colin Kaepernick private workouts this weekend-Charles Manson/Helter Skelter-Kneel

Oh really Colin Kaepernick gets invited to workout with NFL Teams...this story comes on Charles Manson's bday haha. Remember Charles Manson was super important to the Kneeling symbolism. I mentioned all of this in October 2017 and then Charles Manson died November 19th, 2017. 
What's even more interesting is all of the praise for Larry Johnson for spreading gematria info....Charles Manson died on Larry Johnson's 37th bday. 

It's funny too that I just covered the Roman Polanski story and how I blogged about him on 11/3....11/3 is Colin Kaepernick's bday. 
I documented about a Cowboy theme when Charles Manson died....but also thinking about "Blackbird"...and the Atlanta Falcons/Ravens...
Remember both are important to the War of 1812 symbolism too...
Notice this workout will be in Atlanta...
Also this comes just after the Atlanta Falcons upset the Saints and the the 49ers got their first loss of the season to the Seahawks....Remember how the QB Controversy with Alex Smith and Kaepernick began in the year the 49ers lost to the Ravens(Blackbird..Baltimore/National Anthem). 
Remember the Saints are another team that is important to the War of 1812 narrative. 
Notice how this CNN article points out that Kaepernicks last game was a 49ers loss to the Seahawks too...The team that just gave the 49ers their first loss this year haha. 

You know thinking about it too, I've mentioned a lot about Francis Scott Key sounding Francis Got Key in regards to Pope Francis. It's interesting though with as much as I've covered the importance of FRANCE this year, as it also sounds like "France is got Key". 
The Kneeling stuff was also important to the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash...Wall Street...just thinking how Kaepernick won his settlement the same day Trump Declared the wall a national emergency. 

We'll see what comes of this story but no doubt Larry Johnson has come into this for a reason...I mean this whether he actually knows about it or not too. 


  1. 11/19 has been on my radar. Jupiter will come into conjunction with the Golden Gate

    1. interestig that 12/12/2019 is 6666 days since 911. 12/12/12, as 2019=12, =3, in real numerology anyway, 12/12/19 = 12/12/12= 333, dont know what it means just throwing it out there for the 6666 days conection