Saturday, November 16, 2019

Synchronicity with my band gig in Lincoln last night

My band played a show in Lincoln last night and today I had synchronicity with it. The 2nd band that played called "Sapien Sounds" had a lead singer that looked a lot like another kid I used to know named Jacob McGinn(Smoke). I even snapchatted it to Sturgill and showed my band members, and they all agreed he looked liked Smoke. I wouldn't say I'm really friends with him as he's a lot younger than me, but we talk a bit whenever I see him. It's a small town and his parents live only a few houses down from mine. I can't even tell you the last time that I have seen him either, but guess while I was working he came in the store as his mom ordered a pizza and he was picking it up. It's just funny that I talked about him last night and then today I see him. He doesn't even live in this town anymore either just to further explain how random it really is. 
I don't know the purpose of it, but like always I am documenting it for future reference. I did notice that his name in the KFW Kabbalah Cipher is 177...which I've mentioned that cipher possibly being important and the connection to the Kabbalah ciphers...
The other reason I think I'm supposed to pay attention to that cipher is because the lead singer of Sapien Sounds has name gematria of 156 in the ALW and KFW Kabblah ciphers...
Sapien Sounds=156 and 310(FB)
Also we played a show at the venue called..
The Storm Cellar=177(ALW)

Smoke and the lead singers bday's are 2 months 15 days apart too....yet another number I've mentioned a whole lot recently...215..

156th prime is 911...

I'm also wondering if it has something to do with Smoke's dad. He is the guy that went with Sturgill and I to the Marilyn Manson/Rob Zombie Concert on 7/21/2019..

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