Sunday, November 10, 2019

Marlboro Man and Dwight Ritchie stories on 11/9-Cowboy-John Wayne

The same day we got a story on CNN about the death of the Marlboro Man, we got a story of Australia boxer Dwight Ritchie dying...Dwight Ritchie has the nickname of "The Cowboy", and the Marlboro Man is also a Cowboy. 

It's also interesting with the MM and putting emphasis that Bob Norris didn't smoke. 
M=4, M=4
Cancer=44=Chemo=Cigarettes=Kill and so on..

It's interesting he owned the ranch called "Tee Cross" know like how the lowercase t is similar to a cross....and all the Time connections...
Tee Cross=49, 112
Bob Norris=49, 112

Interesting how it lists his name as "Robert C. Norris"=177 on his obituary too. 

He was married on 6/24 and he died 6 months 24 days after his bday...
Jane Wright=207(FB)
He also died 6 months 24 days(end date) before John Wayne's bday....He was good friends with John Wayne who has been important this year....
Wayne's real name is Marion Mitchell...MM..Marlboro Man..MM...

Also I just want to document that the first thing I thought of when seeing this death was the song "Old Town Road". In the remix Billy Ray sings about the Marlboro Man. 


Probably need to pay attention to the Dallas Cowboys..who were important to the black cat/Chiefs narrative. 
Funny they play the Vikings tonight...which reminds me of another hit song this year...Truth Hurts/Lizzo. 

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