Friday, November 8, 2019

Myah Autry arrested for entering Bronx Zoo Lion enclosure-Ethiopian Calendar and the 11/20 date-Lion King

Myah Autry=48
Bronx Zoo=48

She's 30 years old too which makes me think of the "Lions"=30

It's interesting they are updating us with this story on 11/7. The day she actually did this was 9/28 which is 1/17 on the Ethiopian Calendar....and notice today is 2/27 on the Ethiopian Calendar. 
Haile Selassie=227
310 and 227 were important to the Lion and France symbolism. 

I'm still wondering if we get a major clue with this on 11/20/2019 as it will be 3/10 on the Ethiopian Calendar. 
It will also be 8 months 10 days after 3/10 and 3 months 10 days after 8/10 and remember how 8/10 was important because it was World Lion Day...the 227th anniversary of the Fall of the French Monarchy. 
Oddly enough that's also my best friends birthday and his name in Francis Bacon is 227. 
Chris Sturgill=227

Also the 310th day of the Ethiopian Calendar this year is July 17th...or 17/7. 

11/20 is also interesting as it's 124 days after the new Lion King came out in the US. 
The Lion King=124
Haile Selassie=124
8/10/2020 will be 12/4...2012 Ethiopian. 

Also thinking about the importance of Batman and the Batman shooting this year....think about how the Aurora shooting happened in 2012 and it's currently 2012 according to the Ethiopian Calendar. 
3/29/2020 will be 7/20/2012 Ethiopian..

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