Friday, November 29, 2019

Franz Bardon teacher of Hermetics-Israel Regardie's death on 3/10

Sam asked me last night if I had ever heard of Franz Bardon and his writings. I had not, but I want to check them out after reading info about him. 
Look at what he says about's about empowering the letters to create magical effects through their combination. 

He also has 3 books that simplified the understanding of magic so people could practice magic without having a teacher. 

Interesting that Aleister Crowley died on his 38th bday too. 
I also stumbled upon this guy last night...Israel Regardie who was a secretary for Aleister Crowley that exposed the secrets of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn....
He just stuck out to me right away with the death day of 3/10..
Edward Crowley=310

Ha interesting too I see that "Edward Crowley"=208(FB)

Israel Regardie=77 
Died age 77..

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