Friday, November 29, 2019

Picture of Trump as Rocky Balboa day before Thanksgiving-The Rocky/Thanksgiving narrative-Russia/Turkey/France

Thinking about this Trump photoshop on Rocky's interesting it would come a day before Thanksgiving...Notice my old posts about Rocky involved Turkey and Thanksgiving..
The film Rocky begins right around Thanksgiving 1975(11/25/75)...The movie Creed came out on 11/25...and Rocky doesn't beat Apollo Creed until 11/25/1976 which was Thanksgiving Day...
I also mentioned the country Turkey...Fetullah Gulen....remember Trump just met with the Tayyip Erdogan on the anniversary of the 2015 Paris, France Isis Attack. 
Turkey was the first to declare Isis as a terrorist organization...
There was also a Turkey Coup attempt on Erdogan the day after the Nice, France van attack on 7/15/16. 

The other joke with this is that Trump is Rocky...
Rocky fights the Russian, but Trump won't fight the Russians. In light of my previous post about Conor McGregor, he lost to the Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov...

Remember in 2015 Russia shot down the Turkey plane just before Thanksgiving as well. 
I've made a number of videos on this topic over the years. Remember Trump said the media wanted him to BOX Putin. I had synchronicity with the Family Guy episode where Peter writes a letter to Putin about the Russian Bootleg of Rocky in which the Russian wins...Peter then challenges Putin to a Boxing match...
The episode aired a few days before Thanksgiving. 

All of this is important to Philadelphia/Earthquake/Bridge stuff I have also covered for years. Putin opened the Crimea bridge and so on too. 
This Trump/Rocky picture came 66 days after the French Republic anniversary..
Thanksgiving=66, 183 and 167(FB)
The 167 is interesting as that was a major number I mentioned with the Family Guy/Trump Putin Summit...
Vladimir Putin=183
Rocky Balboa=66
The story of Trump boxing Putin was 66 days before Putin's 66th bday. 

I also had that weird comment on the Putin Family Guy video on 5/4/2019 about Putin and a Plane...then the next day we got a Russian Plane fire on 5/5...this was just after the Plane went of the runway in Florida...Putin showed the video of missiles hitting Florida.....but anyway....5/5 is important as it's the day Napoleon died and also the day the French Revolution began. 

11/27 leaves 34 days in the year..

Turkey=310(satanic) and 88(FB)

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  1. Ex 2020 presidential Nominee Wayne Messam -"My state of Florida will be ground zero and I intend to be a factor to mobilize our state for the Democratic Party Nominee"