Sunday, November 17, 2019

Boston Marathon bombers and the 2011 triple homicide-MIT and old Facebook messages to Sturgill-Batman/Sandy Hook-7

This story sticks out to me right away. Remember I had synchronicity with the singer of Sapien Sounds who looked like another guy I knew? What I noticed when finding his Facebook was it said he studied at MIT. I remember thinking about the Boston Marathon when reading this too, because a big thing in finding the suspects was MIT. 
I also sent this message to Sturgill way back when about it as well. The media gave us this picture of Dzhokhar, before they caught him, but I noticed how all the pictures made sure we saw the guy with the "MIT" shirt on. Then a few hours later the suspects shot a guy at MIT..and then later it moved to WATERtown and they found Dzhokhar hiding the boat...Just thinking about the recent WATER stuff. 

I wonder if we get a story with MIT in the near future? 

Remember the first ever actual conspiracy video I put up was about the Boston Bombing/Lakers/Batman/Superhero connections....Tamerlan or Tamerlane is a poem by Edgar Allan Poe published under "The Bostonian". 

It's also interesting I mentioned a lot about the number 7 in these old messages in regards to Sandy Hook....we are coming up on the 7th anniversary of Sandy Hook too..then later in other events of 2013...

Adam Peter Lanza=215(FB)
Fitting as the Batman shooting was connected to Sandy Hook...
Adam Lanza=222(rFB)
Sandy Hook=222(FB)
Once again the Francis/Franc ciphers make sense. 

Remember too in regards to 2/'s the day the University of Nebraska was founded in Lincoln..which is where I played a gig the other night. 

I feel like the Batman shooting..Sandy Hook..and the Boston Marathon(all within a year) were some of the biggest awakening events outside of 9/11 for a lot of people as just want to point that out as it might be important. 

Remember the Marathon symbolism is important to 310. Sturgill's bday of 11/20 is 3 months 10 days after 8/10 and also the 3rd month 10th day of the Ethiopian Calendar...which is currently in the year Batman shooting/Sandy Hook. 

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