Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Dwight Howards is Superman to LeBron James and Lakers

This was a headline article on CNN...I just want to point out the Superhero narrative yet again. I've mentioned the importance of Dwight Howard and Shaq being known as Superman before, and here they are bringing it up again. 

This story comes 34 days before Howard's 34th bday on 11/4. 
LeBron James=114
I wonder if the injury narrative is still important to 34 like last year? Remember Anthony Davis going to Lakers was all about 34 too...Howard a Laker because of the injury to Cousins...Cousins injury synced to Kobe's at age 34 and so on...
Maybe it's why all the Warriors are injured...considering Kobe tore his achilles against the Warriors....Curry being injured against the Suns seems interesting to me as well....Steve Nash was on the team with Howard/Kobe....Mike Dantoni also a former Suns coach...

Joaquin PHOENIX...the Phoenix Suns...
Howard wearing # 39..
Curry injured 39 days before Howard's bday..

Superman=109, 107
Los Angeles=109
Remember Kobe came back in to shoot his free throws after tearing his Achilles. He made both making the score 109 to 109....so he tore it when they had 107 points. 

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