Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Black Cat on field during Cowboys vs Giants game-The Panther/cat symbolism connected to KC Chiefs/Super Bowl 50

Interesting in the beginning of summer I was mentioned how the Carolina Panthers seem to be part of the riddle for Super Bowl 54.....Now on Monday Night a Black Cat runs out on the field during the Cowboys vs Giants game. It's a joke too as the announcer says something like first...seeing ghosts and now black cats....because this is how it's scripted. 
Black Cat=53
Notice that the Cowboys went on to come back and win the game. The win made them 5-3 on the season. 

Notice the Carolina Panthers also had a record of 5-3 when this game happened. 

The Panthers of course were in Super Bowl 50 in which I thought the Chiefs would be in...A bunch of different reasons..but "Chiefs"=50 and so on....This year will be the 50th Super Bowl of the modern era...
It really makes me wonder...the 3 teams I was talking about being important in 2015 were the Chiefs/Rams/Eagles.....The Eagles won in in 2018...then the Rams lost in 2019....It would be interesting if we get the Chiefs in 2020. 
A lot of the Chiefs stuff was important to Alex Smith/Kaepernick and the 49ers as well...also the Mormons and Nebraska... I need to think more about this as I haven't paid much attention to football this year..nor have I even watched a game...
Carolina Panthers=174
Kansas City=174(FB)
Super Bowl LIV=174

Think how Patrick Mahomes hurt his knee against the Denver Broncos too....The team who beat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. 
It was the Black Panther vs the White Bronco....Racism...then next season Kaepernick takes a KNEE...makes me think of Mahomes injury. 

Mahomes replace currently by Matt Moore, who played with the Panthers for 3 seasons as well. 

This black cat story comes when the Cowboys were playing the Giants....Eli Manning....Peyton Manning the MVP of SB 50...
Eli Manning benched this year on Patrick Mahomes birthday of 9/17. 

In the game Mahomes was injured the Chiefs won by 24 points too...which again reminds me of SB 50....
Beyonce did the X tribute...
Broncos won 24 to 10....
X is 10 in Roman Numerals. 
It was coded to Super Bowl XX and the 85' Bears. 

Also the Cat ran on the field when the score was 3 to 9 which is the number important to New York where the game was played. 
New York=39


  1. Dan the Man. It's been a while since you've made a video. Hope all is well

  2. The Panthers replaced their black QB with a white QB, born in Arizona, where Cam Newton won his National Championship. "Allen", who attended Texas A&M, who play at Allen Field

  3. Panthers = 38 FR, Allen born 3/8

  4. Panthers = 115 interesting too with 115th World Series.