Thursday, November 21, 2019

Vikings kicker and Inventor of Nerf Football Fred Cox dies age 80

Fred Cox=75
Minnesota Vikings=75
He dies on the day leaving 41 days in the year. 
Super Bowl=41 and 131

It's interesting we get this story the same day the Colts lose to the Houston Texans too....I've mentioned all year how this year is important to 2016/2017....which was the year the Colts and Vikings both got knocked out of the playoffs the same day Zach's house got crashed into.....just before Super Bowl 51 that was held in Houston...
Indianapolis Colts=75
Andrew Luck retiring was all about Houston...

The Narrative that year was important to Super Bowl 5 as well that was held in Miami...where SB 54 will be held..

Also interesting the Vikings next game is against the Seahawks...Houston traded away Clowney to the Seahawks earlier this season...

The Texans are important to the Chiefs...
Andrew Luck's final game was against the Chiefs....he led that crazy comeback against the Chiefs in the Playoffs of 2014(Seahawks won the SB over Broncos/Peyton Manning his predecessor). 

I should sign up for Zach's patreon as I want to see who he thinks will be in the Super Bowl this year...the narrative he is following will be helpful in understanding the pattern connected to 2016/2017 I think. 

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