Monday, September 4, 2017

Synchronicity-Carl Jung-Sigmund Freud

I was researching for others perspectives on these "coincidences" that happen to me multiple times a day and I found the term "Synchronicity". 
I guess the term was coined by this guy Carl Jung. 

You just can't make this stuff up lol. This guy has a lot of connections to my name Gematria and he of course dies by the numbers. 
Carl Gustav Jung=50, 85(rev red), 176, and 202(reverse)
Daniel Edward Behrendt=176
Dan Behrendt=50 and 202(reverse)
He was also born on 7/26. 
Daniel Behrendt=726(sumerian)

He dies age 85, which was 50 days before his bday. 
Carl Gustav Jung=50, 85(rev red) also 666(satanic)

Jesus=74 and so on...

Jung came to the attention of Sigmund Freud. 
Sigmund Freud=60, 141
He dies 141 days after his bday. 
Psychoanalysis=60(he created/founded)

I mean how many examples of this have been shown, yet people still dismiss it or do not care. 

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