Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Some extra thoughts on War of 1812/Canada-Jay Z Billionaire/Kanye West name change story-Pigs-Charles Manson

I'm wondering about something here...We just had that story of Kanye wanting to change his name to Genius Billionaire...I remembered we had Ross Perot/Tom Steyer Billionaire stuff...but I also randomly documented about Jay Z being the first billionaire rapper in a post about Charles Manson earlier this year. 
Think about Jay Z...Kanye..

The reason I even thought of this is because today at work I saw a post about...if you made 2000 a day and worked fulltime since would only have about $8.3 billion and there would still be people richer than you. 

I'm just thinking this has to relate somehow...Jay Z has the Gray Album that is important to Kanye/ band is actually going to be playing our version of the song "Piggies" on this Friday...Death to Pigs....The Tate Murders happened on 8/9 which is the same day Slipknot released their new Album...Paul Gray is the Pig...

It made me want to look up November 19th again as I thought there was something important to that day with the Royal's actually the day that King Charles I was born....I also saw Dan Haggerty(Grizzly Adams) was born that day....He was important in 2015 when I was talking about the Chiefs in the SuperBowl...Happy Gilmore/Philadlephia/Earthquake. 

Plus remember that the Beach Boys were important to Charles Manson, and the song they stole from him is on the Album with 2020 in it....Hindsight.....Hindsight is how I am able to pick up on new patterns...

The Nationals(Expos) and the Raptors both win the sports championships...The War of 1812 important to Canada...
The War of 1812 also important to Napoleon/France..
Just last night I saw a story on Yahoo about MLB player Billy Bean...remember is important to the reason Francis Scott Key wrote the national Anthem.(William Beanes in Baltimore). 


  1. 1812 is the supposed death date of Sacagawea, she accompanied Lewis & Clark expedition.

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