Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Kyle Busch wins 2019 Nascar-Jimmie Johnson retiring after 2020-Wall-Northern Lights(Aurora) can be seen in Northern United States

Kyle Busch won Nascar this year just like he did in 2015. Remember back in April I mentioned a whole lot about this year being important to when Kyle Busch won..and crashed into the WALL. 
I rarely watch Nascar, and I previously mentioned that his nickname is "Rowdy" which sticks out to me with Ronda Rousey being important to this year and 2015.....
I'm just now realizing that....
The big numbers with Ronda Rousey were 34 and 52 and notice Kyle Busch turned 34 years old on 5/2. 
Kyle Busch=34 and 52(ks)

Jimmie Johnson also announces he will retire after next season today. 
This comes 64 days after his bday. 
Jimmie Johnson=64
Remember they made sure to let us know that Jimmie Johnson ran in the Boston Marathon this year interesting this news would come on a day that's important to 310/Marathon/Ethiopia...
Here's what I'm thinking....Johnson drove the # 48 car and now announces his retirement after the 48th Cup Series of the Modern Era...
Nascar founded in 48'. 
Before the Modern Era they raced 48 races...

Next year will be the 49th season of the Modern Era....
The original Cup Series began in 49'. 
Thinking about Dale Earnhardt crashing into the Wall on the 49th day of the year at the age of 49..
49th prime is 227....number important to France...Bill France founder of Nascar..
This announcement comes 2 months 27 days before the 2020 Daytona 500 that begins the 49th season. 

Plus think about Jimmie Johnson's initials....JJ...the JJ Theme I have mentioned haha. 

I'm just adding this story in here because I've been talking about Batman/Aurora and 215 a lot. 
A day I've been saying I am paying attention to in regards to multiple things we get a story of being able to see the Northern Lights in the US....The Northern Lights..or the AURORA Borealis. 

Also in regards to Jimmie makes me wonder if there is something important to see with the other Jimmy Johnson. I've recently mentioned Charles Manson's death being important to the just makes me think how Jimmy Johnson coached the Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins(were SB 54 is held). 
11/20 leaves 41 days in the year...
Super Bowl=41
It's also 74 days before Super Bowl 54...
Dallas Cowboys=74

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