Monday, November 4, 2019

Teacher wore Blackface as Common the rapper on Halloween-Smallfoot-AI-An Email about "JJ" early this morning

I just got off work and the first article I clicked on was about a teacher wearing blackface...He dressed up as the rapper Common which is funny as he is the Stonekeeper in the film Smallfoot. We were talking about this movie at work today too. I was mentioning how Zamien used to love this movie when he was a baby and it would calm him down. My coworker was even telling me about a Shrek/Donkey Costume today and it's funny as Shrek was the other movie that he loved as a baby...I even documented about this last December. 

Even funnier is that today is 130 days or 4 months 9 days before Common's bday.
Smallfoot=49, 130

The teacher was rapping to Common's Microsoft AI commercial...which just stands out as I was mentioning AI with Youtube removing my video earlier this year about Allen was all by the numbers...In regards to Smallfoot that movie is basically the stonekeepers keeping knowledge from the rest of the world...because they are not ready for it....I just mention this because I always feel like someone is helping me understand by doing things such as giving me copyright strikes and other things by the numbers. 
 Common's bday of 3/13 is interesting too as 313 is the 65th prime number. My AI information is all about the number 65 and Philadelphia. 

Also I was caught up with everything at work today, so I started looking at my phone for a bit. I went to my email and I had a message asking if I know "JJ Russell". I just last night mentioned the importance of JJ and notice I got that email at 3:04am. 
I can't login to my Linkedin account to fully see this person, but I wonder if it is the JJ that I went to school with in Arizona. He was a bit older than most of our class, so I didn't get to know him super well, but I remember he was from San Francisco. 

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