Friday, November 8, 2019

Buffalo Wild Wings worker dies after Super 8 exposure-Dwight Howard quits eating chicken wings-JJ

It's funny I wake up to these stories about Chicken Wings. Last night I was telling my girlfriend that I forgot it was chicken wing night at the new bar in town. It's the best deal you can get as you get 12 wings for $8, and they are actually pretty good..similar recipe to Hooters. 

Dwight Howard quits eating chicken wings..
Buffalo Wild Wings cleaning agent kills a worker....this also just a few days after we had the racist regulars at Buffalo Wild Wings too. 

It hasn't been too long since I've mentioned a chicken theme again either..Costco..Sam/Palo religion..

The racist B Dubs was in this story from Burlington..
Naperville=51, 57
Burlington=51, 57
Reminds me of the Moon...

Plus the cleaner was called "Super 8" which just reminds me of this film involving Aliens called "Super 8"...I'm especially thinking of this film as it is a "JJ" Abrams film. 

Plus Bobby sent me this earlier in regards to Leon Czolgosz the guy who assassinated McKinley in Buffalo at the Worlds Fair...
Remember the OJ documentary thing came out just before Super Bowl 50 too when the White Bronco beat the black panther. 
I haven't listened to the gematria effects the last few weeks either, but I do recall Rambo talking about River Phoenix a bit. I'll have to listen to last weeks on my way home from Omaha tonight..if I don't run out of data. 

Buffalo Wings=63

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  1. A Jesse Jackson google search yields a top story of calling for a change at Buffalo Wild Wings