Monday, November 11, 2019

Australia wild fires and synchronicity with Takin Care of Business

Australia now has Wildfires....
I mentioned in the Batman/Joker stuff that there might be something important to Australia...a few days ago we got the death of Australia Boxer Dwight these fires...
Remember Australia was important to the beginning of the 310 stuff too. 

I feel like there is something important to either Bachman Turner Overdrive or the film "Men at Work". A few weeks back I mentioned how I explained all of this to my bandmates and what not and had the synchronicity with sleep paralysis...then 2 days later at our gig...Pat was talking about the song  "Down Under".....He was explaining that the song was actually ripped off from something else and it wasn't the Australian band "Men at Work"...I can't remember exactly what he said...but I thought he was talking about Bachman Turner Overdrive because the song "Takin' Care of Business" is the main song on the film "Men At Work". Then Ryan our drummer said, hey Dan that's crazy synchronicity you were talking about because a little while ago I was actually thinking about that movie and wanting to watch it again....
It's also interesting as the song is called "Down Under" and that is the name of a bar we often play at in Omaha. I've documented about it before with our band too and the number 261. 

Even more interesting is that I just rewatched the film "Men at Work" and the song "Takin Care of Business" is not on it...I don't know why I have that memory's strange, but everytime I think of this movie I think of this I wonder why? 

Interesting the song Takin Care of Business is on the film "A Knights Tale"...which is part of the Heath Ledger(Australia) stuff I was talking about. 

How crazy is this too? Remember I covered the film "Takin Care of Business" in regards to the Cubs winning in 2016....Notice it says this was "JJ" Abrams first screenplay work...and he later went on to make "Super 8" and Star Wars.....
I just talked about the film "Super 8" with the Buffalo Wild Wings thing...and the JJ theme...

It's funny too that I'm noticing this on the date of 11/11 too. 
Takin Care of Business=1111(eng ext)

I'm wondering if I associated the song with Men at Work because the film Takin Care of Business came out a week before Men at Work in 1990? 

I also documented about the film Taking Care of Business with Tyler Skaggs and the Angels the film the Cubs are playing the Angels in the world series....I also mentioned Los Angeles and "The Big One"(Earthquake). 

One last thing that I want to add. The song "Down Under" I always associate with the band "Pennywise" who covered it. ..Pennywise...It/Clown...(Lebron's Halloween 2017/Joker is a clown)....Clown from Slipknot's daughter dying...Pat recently learned the theme song from Killer Clowns in Outer Space for a show..

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