Monday, November 18, 2019

Colin Kaepernick wore a Kunta Kinte shirt to his workout-Charles Manson Blackbird Baltimore Ravens

Kunta Kinte=63
I remember a long time ago he wore the Muhammad Ali shirt too. 
Ali died on 6/3 in connection to the prophet Muhammad who supposedly died age 63. 

As I think more on this narrative and how it connects to Charles Manson..I think we need to keep an eye on the Ravens. They were the team that Kaepernick lost to in the Blackout the song Blackbird is what Manson believed was telling black people to Rise Up....
Falcons..Rise Up..Black Bird..
Raven...Black Bird...
The Black Cat thing could be something connected to a superstition...just like how some believe a Raven is a bad omen...
Notice the Ravens won with 41 points over Houston this same weekend as Kaepernick's workout...
Super Bowl=41
The Super Bowl was held in Houston the season when Kaepernick originally knelt...and then the next season Manson died. 
Plus the drama with the Cleveland Browns and Myles Garrett being suspended...Think about the Browns and Ravens history. 
The Beach Boys song..on the Album 2020...

This was a big number around Charles Manson's death at age 83. 

It's funny at my gig last night in Omaha the other band was talking about George Harrison's son. I had no idea who they were talking about and they explained it was George Harrison's son. It's funny only because we are adding the song "Piggies" written by Harrison in our set list..and it's an important song to Manson and the Pig year. 

Also Kaepernick being reinstated on 2/15..Batman/Wall..
Helter Skelter=76
Roman Polanski=76 on..
Roots came out in 76'. on..

I wouldn't doubt if this story is connected as well..Auden TATE gets injured in a scary play today...
Sharon TATE..Auden TATE...

The guy who wrote Roots..Alex Haley born on 8/11 too. 

Also I never documented before but Kaepernick just turned 32 years old...They kept telling us about the 32 NFL Teams and the 32 Owners...

The original preseason game when the controversy started was against the Green Bay Packers. 


  1. Kunta kinte was played by lavar burton. He was also in the film 'Ali' with will smith.
    Burton has also been in The big bang theory a few times.
    Roots has also been mentioned in the big bang theory in 'The tenure turbulence.'
    This episode aired 60 days after the Ravens won the superbowl in New Orleans.
    The new Orleans stadium was also in the film 'Focus', also starring Will Smith.

  2. remember Kyler Murray's bday is 8/10. 8/10 is the 1st day of tisha Bav this year with the 8/11 11/8 coding. Murray's from Oklahoma. we just had the Super Bowl 53 score 13-3.
    Oklahoma = 133.
    Elizabeth Warren is from Oklahoma.