Thursday, November 7, 2019

Larry Johnson talking about Gematria-Mormons Killed at Mexico Border-More of the Chiefs Narrative

Larry Johnson talks about gematria and football on this interview from 10/18. 
Notice it was 32 days before his bday. Also 1 month 1 day...
Chiefs=32 and 31
The 11th prime is 31. 
In 2015 the numbers 11 and 31 were a major reason why I thought the Chiefs would be in the Super Bowl. 

Larry Johnson also played his final game as a Miami Dolphin which is where Super Bowl LIV is held. He was age 31 at the time too. It was also the year 11'.  Remember too that the Dolphins were important to the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Blackshirts...The Huskers important to the Moses coding with the Chiefs/Rams. 

We also recently got this story about the Mormons killed at the Mexican border. Remember Andy Reid is Mormon...Alex Smith played for UTAH..
Also the Mormons believe the Lamanites were the ancient Israelites who turned away from god and became the Native Americans(Chiefs). 
Think about South Park being important to much of the narrative recently too...All About the Mormons...

Joseph Smith was allowed to take the plates on 9/22/1827 which was the 35th anniversary of the French Republic. 
The Book of Mormon is 239 Chapters. 
Think about Pope Francis visit to the US that was important to this number and the 239th year of the United States. 
Paris France=239(FB)
Society of Jesus=239
239 is the 52nd prime number. 
Joseph Smith=52
Latter Day Saint=52

Just search my blog for "mormons" and you will find a ton of information in regards to this. 

Also in regards to the Mormons being attacked and Mexico...remember last year the Chiefs vs Rams game in Mexico City got cancelled...Notice it was on Larry Johnson's bday....
The Chiefs are playing the Chargers in Mexico City this year on 11/18. 
It will be 2 months 15 days before the Super Bowl. 

Also think about the black cat story even further. The Dallas Cowboys are important because the Chiefs were originally the Dallas Texans...

Larry Johnson's final game as a Chief was against the Chargers...and his final game as a player was against the Texans. 


  1. I've had my eye on 11/19 for some time as it's the date that Jupiter comes into conjunction with the Golden Gate. Even more interesting now that I learn its Larry Johnson's birthday and even more interesting since you revealed the interview was done on 10/18. I've been talking about 10/18 since June. Derek helped uncover the major 10/18 ritual with the first all female space walk. It was 219 days after the 6th anniversary of Pope Francis and 2-19 on the Islamic calendar. feminism = 219 jewish. Also with the Islamic Calendar George H.W. Bush died on 3/22. This year 3/22 of the Islamic Calendar is on 11/19. The Jupiter tributes have been strong all year. First they released the first official images of a black hole on April 10th the day Jupiter went retrograde within three degrees of the Golden Gate aka Black Hole at the center of our Galaxy. Second was 8/11 which was a date super hyped in the gematria community. On that day Jupiter came out of retrograde.

  2. I actually get a little frustrated when Larry Johnson is brought up because I immediately associate the name with the former NBA player. He had a role in Space Jam as a matter of fact.

  3. Michael Rubens Bloomberg = 219 ordinal

  4. Larry Johnson had 61 career touchdowns, Larry = 61, Larry Johnson = 61, and his final cut by Miami was 61 days before his birthday

  5. Native American = 243, and this is the 243rd year of America.
    243 = 3*3*3*3*3, or 3 to the 5th power

  6. Venus has a 243 year transit cycle and a 243 day rotational period