Sunday, November 3, 2019

Interrelated headline stories on CNN-Pirates Kidnap Crew Members-Norway arrests White Supremacist-Nazi Emergency in Dresden-JJ and Troll Theme

I clicked on this story because I thought it might possible have something to do with Somalia/the area of Ethiopia..Before I even look at the story it's interesting the ship is owned by JJ Ugland....The marathon lady I just documented about had a JJ name as well....and in between looking at these 2 stories I stopped and looked at the TV for a bit. Claire is watching JoJo Siwa and she was doing an interview with "Never have I ever". On it she said she crapped her pants after the age of 10 which I thought was funny. I said to Claire, so Jojo pooped her pants before? And Claire said it was before she was Jojo and was just Joelle Joanie....think about it though...JJ...

This is a theme I have mentioned over the years beginning in 2016 and the reverse gematria stuff/Troll theme/South Park and more..

JJ Ugland=47
I know this is important as well because JJ Ugland is a Norwegian company and look at the other story just below it. "Norway Arrests US White Supremacist". 

Remember Norway was synced up to the Troll theme I have talked about this year. 

Also notice how the next story is about a German City declaring a Nazi emergency...think about how that connects to White Supremacy's a joke how the news does this. 

The guy arrested in Norway was "Greg Johnson"=60
Ku Klux Klan=60
Donald Trump=60
Interesting "Ku Klux Klan"=811(Jewish)
Remember how 8/10 and 8/11 were important to all of this as well. 
Of course he supports Anders Breivik as well which was important to the 8/10 and 3/15 Mosque attacks. 

The city with the Nazi emergency is Dresden...
The Dresden bombings began on 2/13 and ended on 2/15...Lupercalia....
Anders Breivik also born on 2/13...

Nazi emergency=177(LCH Kabbalah)
Dresden Germany=73
Nazi emergency=73

Anders Breivik also claimed to be a Knights Templar member which is funny considering the story of Pirates. The Knights Templar supposedly became pirates and what not. Didn't someone just call in and talk about this on the Gematria Effect a few weeks back too? 
The Knights Templar also important to the 2015 France Attack with Friday the 13th...

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