Sunday, October 1, 2017

Wild Card game Yankees vs Twins-Starting pitchers-9/11-Jesuits-Miguel Sano Returns

Looking at the Pitchers for the Wild Card game. 
Notice Ervin Santana's record currently is 16-8. 
New York City=168
Ervin Santana=78(rev red)
New York=78(reverse)

His bday is 70 days after the Wild Card Game. 
New York Yankees=70(rev red)

The Yankees pitcher is Luis Severino. 
Interesting if he wins it would be fitting to his name. 
He would be 15-6. 
Luis Severino=156(reverse), also 60, 168, and 75(rev red)
If he loses it will be 14-7. 
World Series=147
Minnesota Twins=60
New York City=60, 168

Interesting too as his bday is 2/20. This is something I was documenting back in June in regards to the Jesuits/North Korea..
Otto Warmbier died at 2:20. USS Fitzgerald supposedly happened at 2:20 according the the US. The Jesuit Anniversary is 2 months 20 days before Pope Francis' bday. 
The Jesuits approved by the 220th pope-Paul III
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)
Prince Charles=220(reverse)
Luis Severino=220(Francis Bacon)
John McCain was on the USS Enterprise that picked up John Glenn and the other astronauts of Friendship 7 on 2/20/62. 
Rihanna's bday is 2/20 and it was 3 months 12 days before game 1 of the NBA Finals she attended. 
312 the big number around the Jesuits. 
Severino's record is 14-6....Trumps bday is 14/6. 

2/20 to Game 1 of the World Series is 8 months 4 days...
Minnesota Twins=84(red rev)
They might even finish the season with 84 wins today. 

Severino also was the pitcher for the Yankees on the Jesuit Anniversary this year. They won 6-1...A fitting score. 
God=61=Jesus=Holy Spirit=Cross and so on....
The previous game he pitched was the 11-3 win over the Twins. 
113th World Series. 
This was also the game where Todd Frazier's Foul Ball hit the Toddler. It was 220 days after Todd's bday. 

Funny how the Twins just brought back Miguel Sano after missing 38 games. 

He was also gone for 41 days.....this number that is big in regards to 9/11....the Yankees vs Arizona in the 2001 WS. 
Sano got hurt against Arizona too. 

Sano also got hurt against Arizona on his 111th game of the year. 
New York=111
I just noticed now too that all the stuff I documented about Bartolo Colon and the Texas Rangers had a 9/11 connection too. On Bartolo Colon's bday the Rangers lost to the Twins giving them a record of 9-11. 

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