Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Las Vegas means "The Meadows"-Giants/Jets play in Meadowlands Sports Complex

I can't believe I never put this together the other night...
Las Vegas means "The Meadows". 
The Giants and the Jets play in the Meadowland Sports Complex...
The Meadows=113
Pray for Las Vegas=185, 220(reverse)
See my previous posts in regards to 220. 

Who knows for some reason Meadows makes me think of the the Hed PE song "The Meadow". 

I also just turned on the game a bit ago and I just heard the announcers say Severino and Escobar both from Dominican Republic and lived 70 miles away from each other. 
New York Yankees=70
Today is 70 days before Escobar's bday. 
Dominican Republic=102(red rev) and 168. 
New York City=168
9/11 was 102 minutes. 
Al Qaeda=102
United States of America=102

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