Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Terry Kniess' book "Cause and Effects"-Sirius the Twin Star

I just sent the TPIR guy an email. As I was looking more into it, I found he wrote a book in regards to his message as well. 
In the description I noticed he says it's starts with a "dog..."(not sure how to type that symbol). I looked it up and it took me to Dogstar.(Sirius) Still not sure if that's even the real meaning of it, but that's what the search engine took me to. 
Anyway something that I didn't think about before was that Sirius is also a TWIN Star. Sirius is very important to the Freemasons and so on as well. Dog/God, a million things I could type. 

Published on 5/3/2010 from a company in Minneapolis...Where the Twins play...
134 pages long? 
Terry Kniess=134(reverse)
Langdon Street Press=231, also 102(rev red)
The Price is Right=231(reverse), 93, 102
Minneapolis Minnesota=93

His bday is 134 days (end date) after messaging me on my blog. 
Terry Kniess and Jodi Colteryahn=134
Also 133 days (no end date)
Las Vegas, Nevada=133

The Book published 503 days after he got the perfect showcase on 5/3? 
503 is the 96th prime number. 
The 16th prime number is 53. 
Both his and Jodi's shows aired on the 16th of the month. 

His bday to the date his Niece was on TPIR is 241 days. 
241 is the 53rd prime number. 
Jodi Michelle Colteryahn=116(rev red) 
Her show aired on 1/16...

Also published on 5+3+20+10=38
Terry Kniess=163...163 the 38th prime. 
Bob Barker=38 and so on.. See Previous posts. 

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