Monday, October 2, 2017

Marilyn Manson cancels 9 Shows after Stage Injury-Say10-MM-Heaven Upside Down

Marilyn Manson injured in New York City and Cancels 9 shows. 
Marilyn Manson=60, 168
New York City=60, 168
Brian Warner=60(real name)
We just had Marilyn Manson in the news talking about how Columbine ruined his career. It has me thinking about Bowling for Columbine.....
Michael Moore
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Manson....
I just looked up the Gematria of Minneapolis, Minnesota again before seeing this article too. 

This story makes me think about Hugh Hefner and Playboys first centerfold being Marilyn Monroe as well. 

His shows beginning with Boston all the way to Houston will be canceled? Interesting as Boston will be playing Houston in the MLB Playoffs during this time. 
It's also the Heaven Upside Down Tour....
Heaven Upside Down=185
Donald John Trump=185
Remember Manson's song Say10 supposedly shows Donald Trump being assassinated in the video. 
Think about the possible meaning of the lyrics to that song as well. 
"You Say God and I Say, Say10". 
God=55(reverse) also 10(rev red)
Satan=55 also 10
Say 10? because God=10? 
Is he just saying it's the same? He calls God "Satan", and everyone else says God although it's the same thing? Heaven Upside Down...As above so Below....
Hell=17(rev red)
Also think about it....He is canceling 9 Shows and coming back on the 10th? 

Interesting the Album begins with a song titled "Revelation # 12". 
In the actual Revelation 12 it talks about a Man-child. Man-Son? 

He got hurt while performing Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). Interesting that song came out on his EP Smells Like Children that released exactly 22 years before the 113th World Series begins. 

Sweet Dreams=60(s)

The night before the New York City Show Marilyn Manson fell off stage and broke his ankle in Pittsburgh. What I find interesting is multiple sources incorrectly said it was Philadelphia. 
Philadelphia one of the Seven Churches in Revelation...

I can't stay awake right now, but there is something special with these Marilyn Manson stories we keep getting. Columbine and then 9/11 not long after.... 

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