Sunday, October 22, 2017

Looking back at my Houston videos during the NBA-Isaiah THOMAS(Twins)-Darren Daulton

I went back and listened to some of my old videos in regards to Houston and the Houston Rockets earlier. 
Thinking back on everything that I have documented it's surpising to me I didn't look more at the Astros in regards to the Main theme I was talking about. The Space theme....I mean the Jesuit stuff was connected to the Space Theme, but the Main theme all year was the Space Theme, just as last year it was the Native American Theme(Indians). The year before it was Pope Francis/Royal Family with the Royals in the WS who were super connected to Pope Francis as well.  

In the videos I mentioned how Houston had so many connections to my own life. What gets me is that they all involved Isaiah Thomas and his sister Chyna. I know I said in one of the videos how the Houston stuff might just be connected to the Astros and the World Series. Once I noticed how the Jesuit connection was tied to the Space Theme and all of the Priest stuff I thought that would be the theme for the WS.

How I didn't think of this prior is beyond me....
Isaiah THOMAS. 
Doubting Thomas
Thomas means "Twins". 

Also the same day Isaiah Thomas' sister Chyna died(4/15) was the day Zach posted about Darren Daulton. Then Darren Daulton died 113 days later. 
Darren Daulton=147, 204
Houston Astros=204, 147
4/15 to 10/24(ws begins) is 192 days. 
Two Hundred Four=192
Justin Verlander=192 went to Astros 192 days after his bday and so on. 
If they only knew=192

I just went back to look at the Darren Daulton Book(kindle) that I bought on Amazon. I see another book in here yet I never ordered any other book on Amazon ever.....
Interesting how it's similar to that of Daulton's book....Eye Wide Open....Daulton talked a lot about the Pineal Gland.....
It has to be some type of Free book they put on the kindle as it wasn't there before...

Ted Dekker born on 10/24, which is the day Daulton's book was published in 2007 and also the day the World Series begins this year. 
Age 54....

It says I purchased this book on 10/22/2013.....
The Fuck I did... I never bought this book at anytime ever. 
I'm confused as to why it says this....
Interesting it says I did though exactly 4 years ago to the day. 

Also as much as I have talked about 261 in regards to Thomas and more....
Two Hundred Sixty One=92

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