Friday, October 13, 2017

Still Seeing Twin Stuff-Now with 231....174

Just wanted to show that the Twin thing is still happening even though the Twins lost. 
The other day the top picture was the first thing on my Facebook feed when I got on Facebook. 
The second picture was the first thing on my feed when I got on Facebook 2 days ago. 
I didn't screen shot who posted them and was hesistant to post these, because the other day my friend got mad about a post I had on my blog that involved him. 

Funny thing is he text me about it 224 days after the post and the main thing was about how my part 2 Mitch Hedberg video got a copyright strike at an odd time along with one of our Rap Songs I put on Youtube. The first Mitch Hedberg video on Youtube got a copyright claim 2 years 24 days after being up, and Mitch Hedberg's bday was 2/24. 
The Society of Jesus=224
I also mentioned a bunch about our old rap group and the Jesus Fish(Pisces), and the Age of Aquarius. 
The Age of Aquarius=174
Rappit Rizzo=174(Guy claiming our song was his)

Also the girl in the second picture's maiden name is 231(reverse) and 174. 
The first picture was about how 2 girls named "Beth" showed up at the same place wearing the same shirt, so they said they were twinning. 
The shirt's they were wearing..."Last One Standing"=231(reverse), 174. 
The Price is Right=174, 231(reverse)
New World Order=174
False Flag=174....ha was the Price is Right telling me of the False Flag in Vegas? 
BeeBeetown=174(reverse)...Where I saw a UFO on Hwy F66(666) that followed us all the way to Council Bluffs on 9/10/01. Just before the False Flag of 9/11/01. 
Eighty Eight=174
Arch Angel=174(reverse)
Aaron Judge=174(reverse)=Joe Girardi=174(reverse)
One Hundred Fifty=174, 231(reverse)
World Series=150(reverse)....This number was big in showing me the Jesuit/Priest stuff...
The Ben Franklin Bridge I mentioned in regards to 150 as well as the engineer was RALPH Modjeski. It was built for the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence being signed. 

What am I supposed to see with the Twins stuff? 231 I've been showing a lot lately too. 

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