Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Cubs vs Nationals Game Postponed-Will the Pattern continue?

Let's see if the pattern I documented last year continues? 
Postponed Playoff Games connected to World Series
Last year I noticed that almost all postponed games in the in the last 15 years have led to 1 of the teams making the WS and losing. 
The only exceptions were the Red Sox in 2004 when they broke the curse. Last Year the Nationals Dodgers postponed on 10/8 which was the Cubs number. Also the Yankees vs Angels in 2005 on 10/8. 
Then of course last year the Indians vs Red Sox were postponed. The Indians lost in the WS to the Cubs in extra innings after a rain delay ending the 108 year drought. 
We'll see if there are any other postponements this year. Houston

Sports Curse=124(reverse)
Postponed Game=150=World Series
Postponed Playoff Game=231
Some interesting numbers in regards to what I just documented in my Ralphie May video too. 

So I noticed today is 10/10 and I typed in "Ten" on the Gematrinator. Just as I typed it Archer on the tv said "Ten". 
What I'm interested in is the fact the episode is called "The Honeymooners". 
All of the Flintstone/Ralph stuff I was talking about has a big connection to the TV show "The Honeymooners" and Ralph Cramden. 
October Tenth=55, 145
Chicago Cubs=55(s)
Chicago, Illinois=145

Season 4 episode 9....the 45th episode...

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