Monday, October 16, 2017

261 trying to figure it out still, but some new discoveries.

Zenith of the Alpha, America- Say10 video
I just watched the video in the link above about Marilyn Manson and his new Album with Say10 on it. 
He talks about the connection to 144 in the video and I discovered a few things because of it. 
One Hundred Forty Four=261(reverse)
Remember this number was coming up a bunch a few weeks ago and I still don't know the full meaning of it. 

I also had mentioned how my friend was mad about my post that involved him and Mitch Hedberg. Going through my notepad I just realized. "Mitch Hedberg"=261(Jewish) Funny my friends rap name "D'cypher"....I'm trying to decipher the code...

Batman=261(satanic)...Thinking about Trump...the Dark Knight. 

Earlier today I was looking at the priest in my town before the current one. He was from Africa and his english was not the greatest. I was looking at him because I saw some stuff about my uncle Mike on Facebook and this guy was the priest for his funeral. I just remember not being able to understand anything he was saying for the whole funeral. 
Anyway...."Father Felix Onuora"=261(reverse)

The United States of America=261

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