Friday, October 13, 2017

Kane Brown-What Ifs(song) on Conan O'brien-Chattanooga 231, 40

So I'm sitting here typing up a blog post about Christopher Columbus and the tv is still on TBS. I was watching the end of the Cubs game after work. Then I watched the new South Park about Facebook. The DVR must've shut off and Conan came on after that. Anyway I wasn't paying much attention to the show but when his musical guest started playing it sparked my brain. It was the Kane Brown Country guy from Facebook.
First thing I noticed about him was he is from Chattanooga, TN. A place I have mentioned a decent amount recently. My Grandma from there, Ralphie May from there.....
Kane Allen Brown=231(reverse)
Oh the odds....
Ralphie May dies 231 days after his bday of "Cardiac Arrest"=231. 
I put my fat comedians video out on the 231st day of the year and so on. 
This was a rerun of Conan as I looked it up and he performed on Conan on 10/5/17. 

The song he was singing was called "What Ifs". 
What Ifs=40(rev red), 103(reverse)
Kane Brown=40, 103

The Album with the song "What Ifs" came out 10 months 3 days before this performance on 10/5. 

The next day on 10/6 he released an expanded edition of the album...Interesting as this was the day Ralphie May died...
Ralph May=40

Lauren Alaina Kristine Suddeth=173(red rev)
173 is the 40th prime number. 

Lauren Alaina=418(Jewish)
Kane Brown=418(satanic)

I think it was just after Midnight when I saw this so it was actually 10/13 possibly. Interesting though it happens as I'm writing about Christopher Columbus and 10/12 though....
If it was 10/13 it's still interesting as it would be 8 months 7 days after the song What Ifs was released. He peformed this on 10/5 which leaves 87 days in the year. 
If it was 10/12 though....
What Ifs=86
Today is 8 months 6 days after the song released. 
Makes me think of Country Music/Jason Aldean....
Las Vegas=86
Ralphie May died in Las Vegas on 10/6 that leaves 86 days in the year. 
Jason Williams=86(rev red) Aldean's real name. 
Aldean is also currently 40 years old...

Possibly nothing but when I think of What Ifs, all I can think about is the song What If by Creed. 
Anthony Scott Flippen=261  
Born on 8/8. 
Remember he said he was under MK-Ultra and the Illuminati was trying to kill him in 2014... Just part of the narrative of fooling awakened people and also making it seem as though this is all a joke and it's because of Drug use. 
What If on the album "Human Clay"....Just think about that...

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