Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Jesuit Connection of Las Vegas Shooting-OJ Simpson-Walt Disney-312

Trying to catch up on listening to the Gematria Effect tonight and I didn't even realize there was a shooting in Las Vegas back in March. I was pretty spot on in regards to a big event happening around the Jesuit Anniversary this year. 
Notice it was 187 days before the Jesuit Anniversary and 191 days before the 10/1 Las Vegas Shooting. 
Society of Jesus=191, 187(reverse)
Rolando Cardenas=63, 144, 90(rev red), 261(reverse)
I have recently been mentioning 261 and 90....
187 days is also 6 months 3 days....I keep saying 63 a big number in regards to the jesuits. 
Jesuit Order=144=Time and so on. 

Stephen Paddock's bday is 191 days after he supposedly shot up Las Vegas. 

3/25 is the 84th day of the year. 

Las Vegas Strip=84
Mandalay Bay Hotel=84
Same day OJ Simpsons gets out of Jail in Nevada 84 days after his bday.
Orenthal James Simpson=84
OJ Simpson=40
Think about Tom Petty dying 40 days after canceling a show on his 40th Anniversary Tour. 
United States of America=84

Jason Aldean even married on 8/4 in 2001. 
Jessica Ann Ussery=202
Jason Aldine Williams=202

Mandalay Bay Hotel opened on 3/2.
OJ Simpson known for wearing # 32
The Shooter on the 32nd floor. He was 64 years old.

Jason Aldean Concert=312(reverse)
Jason Aldean=312(English Ext)
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=312(reverse)
Four Hundred Seventy Seven=312
Francis Xavier dies on 3/12. (dec 3rd).
Ignatius of Loyola made a saint on 3/12. 

Also interesting I just mentioned about Marilyn Manson-The Simpsons and the number 6:19. Notice 6/19 to 10/1 was 3 months 12 days. 

The Society of Jesus=91 Three Hundred Twelve=91
10/1 leaves 91 days in the year. 
Route 91 concert. 
Thirty Second Floor=91
It's funny people have been talking about the Orlando Pulse Night Club shooting as well and Paddock's brother being from Orlando. 

Walt Disney World founded on 10/1. 
Pope Francis=175
Stephen Paddock died 175 days after his bday. 

Notice the tour with Jason Aldean was called "They Don't Know Tour". Lol what don't they know? 
Notice the Las Vegas shooting was the 157th day of the tour. 
Jason Williams=157(Jason Aldean's real name)

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino=274
10/1 is the 274th day of the year. 


  1. Great reveal.
    Haven't gotten a chance to listen to today's broadcast of the Gematria Effect since I work Wednesdays.

    Here's a few more:

    Mandalay Bay = 63. luxury resort = 63
    The shooter was on the 32nd floor in room # 32135,The Key of David = 63 / 135

    Shooter was apparently from somewhere called Mesquite, Nevada.

    Mesquite, Nevada = 84 / 156 (thirty three)

    Joe Lombardo, the Las Vegas Police Sheriff initials, J.L. = 17 + 15 = 32 (Reverse Ordinal)
    Judaism = 32

    Route 91 highway was shut down temporarily due to this massive staged police drill.

    Ha! Just found out that the artist that performed at the country festival, Jason Aldine Williams's initials = J.A.W
    JAW = 511 (Saturn)

  2. October 1st is *3/12* on the 13 Moon Calendar.

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