Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Eminem Rips Donald Trump at BET Hip Hop Awards

Hip Hop Awards=138, 60(rev red)
Donald Trump=138, 60(rev red)
Marshall Mathers=60
Freestyle Rap=60
Don't Forget 60 a number all about Black People. 
Ku Klux Klan=138, 60(rev red)

Rips Donald Trump=88
Detroit Michigan=88(rev red)
Colin Kaepernick=88(rev red)
Hip Hop....HH...88
Eighty Eight=48(rev red)....Donald Trump=48
Hip Hop=45
The Video was 4.5 seconds long. 
The Hip Hop Awards were at Miami Beach..."Miami"=45
Trump the 45th president. 
This comes just days before Eminem's 45th bday. 

Look where these awards were held. Jackie Gleason Theatre that opened on 10/1.....Las Vegas shooting stuff...Playboy founded on 10/1...Disney World opened on 10/1. 
What's even more interesting is Jackie Gleason is who plays Ralph Kramden in The Honeymooners which Fred Flintstone is based on. 
John Herbert Gleason=88, 196(Jackies real name)
Search my blog for 196 you will find a bunch about my Grandma dying in Flintstone, Georgia. 
I'm wondering when we Honey Moons like a Moon Phase? 
I bet this is important as "Honey Moon"=124(see fat comedians post). The recent Harvest Moon was pretty Yellow....I can't find for sure if Honey Moon is a real thing, but if so it's something to watch for in the future I think. 
The Flintstones=60
What's funnier yet is that I made a post about my grandma being connected to the Chattanooga Bus Crash... Ralph Cramden is a Bus Driver on the show. 
Alan Reed Sr. also voiced Fred Flintstone and he died on Donald Trump's 31st bday. 

The Honeymooners first episode released on 10/1 as well. How interesting. 

I appreciate you @Eminem=223
The Star Spangled Banner=88, 223


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  2. I kno this is off topic but I remember u sayin 923 was a important number for lebron well they signed wade & his new jersey number is 9 & lebron wear 23 also lebron & kd won they first title in their 10th season Cavs signed drose this year & he is in his 10th season all 3 players won a mvp so do rose get his first ring ? Was i.t sister ,jae crowder mother & wade cousin sacrificed for a championship?