Monday, October 9, 2017

Snapchat I got just before going to bed-231-Ben Gleib-Ralphie May-211-Flintstones

I really have to go to bed, but I just made a video about Ralphie May and I mentioned a lot about 231. I've been trying to figure out what it might mean and I was reseaching a bunch in regards to Ben Gleib following me on Twitter too. I'll make a seperate post tomorrow with my findings in regards to him and Ralphie May. 
Anyway  I layed down in bed and saw I had a snapchat from my best friend. It was a picture of a betting slip as he is in Las Vegas right now. He bet 110 on the Chiefs to win 231 lol. So I went to my notepad and searched 231. 
The first thing that came up was my cousins name "Timothy Allen Murphy"=231(reverse). 
It's interesting for a few things. Remember the year I was Jesus for Halloween I went to the bar with him and he was Fred Flintstone. Also for about 3 days on the sidebar on my Facebook I kept seeing an article about Timothy F. Murphy, but I never clicked on it. 
Timothy Murphy=211 also 666(satanic)
Six hundred sixty six=211
Remember all the 211's from previous posts? 
Fred Flintstone=211(reverse(
Chattanooga Tennessee=211
Ellie Ruth Murphy=211   but actually from Flintstone, Georgia and so on. 

Ignatius of Loyola=231(reverse)
Hillary Rodham Clinton=231
The Price is Wrong Bitch=231
The Price is Right=231(reverse)

Who knows gonna look more at it tomorrow. 

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