Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Twin stories in the Mainstream media-George Clooney-Conjoined Twins-Jaime Pressly's Twins

Seriously, what is the purpose of all the TWIN stuff in the media? I got the computer just before work today and this is what Yahoo had at the top....Conjoined Twins story and then George Clooney Twins story. 

A few days ago this story about the "Shining Twins" was on CNN top stories. 

Now I get home from work and I see this story on CNN about Jaime Pressly's Twins.

The wording in the article is interesting. She wrote "They're Here" in a photo with the Twins.....
This reminds me of the film Poltergeist that I documented about a while back. The film showed us the Dodgers winning the World Series in 1988. 
Poltergeist Film connected to 1988 Dodgers

The girl in Poltergeist(Heather O'rourke) was also a Fraternal twin, but her Twin brother miscarried.....How interesting as I've mentioned this all year. My girlfriend miscarried what we were told was Twins before she got pregnant again....
I never thought to look this up in my previous post about Poltergeist. 

The guy Pressly had the Twins with has an HH name. Notice it says she used social media to tell she was having twins in JUNE. During the time of "Gemini" the Twins. (June 7th of Facebook). George Clooney's Twins came in Gemini and so did Jay Z and Beyonce's twins. 
Pressly's twins born in Libra....Libra and Gemini are both Air signs along with Aquarius. 

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