Saturday, October 7, 2017

Nelly arrested for Rape Allegations in Washington

Nelly=23, 68, 22(rev red), 67(reverse)
Rape=22, 23(red rev), 68(reverse), 40
St. Louis Missouri=67(where Nelly out of)

He was arrested for Rape in Auburn, Washington and jailed Des Moines, Washington? 
Des Moines=40
Auburn=40(rev red)
Des Moines=140(reverse)

Nelly is currently 42 years old. This happens in Washington the 42nd state. How fitting considering 42 a very important number around black people through out history. 
November 2nd also the day that leaves 59 days in the year. 
Slave=59=Negro and so on. 
Slavery=42(rev red)
This supposedly happened on his Tour Bus. 
Tour Bus=26
This happened 26 days before his bday. 

Has to be some joke in regards to his song, "Ride Wit Me" as well. 

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  1. Makes me think of Outkast's Rosa Parks, released 19 years 2 months 11 days before the Rape. This also happened 10 months 5 days from the 65th anniversary of the Rosa Parks Bus incident in 1955. Or 3227 weeks. She has the same negative codes on her, born 2/4/1913, dead 10/24/2005. And the 10/6 Rape was 2 weeks 4 days before the.anniversary of her death.

    Back of the Bus=211 RO