Thursday, October 26, 2017

Corey Feldman Indiegogo Campaign to stop Hollywood Pedophilia

It's not that pedophilia/sexual harassment doesn't exist, but they are pushing this story for a reason. We got Psyop Pizzagate and ever since they have building this up. Even the death of Chester Bennington as he was supposedly exposing this......Eric Bolling firing....Then Harvey Weinstein sexual allegations...I even just saw Twiggy from Marilyn Manson had to split with the band because of Rape allegations......Now they are bringing Corey Feldman back up as he now has the courage to fully expose this stuff. He's just playing his part in the agenda. 

Corey Scott Feldman=261....Main reason I am posting about this story as well. 
Corey Feldman=58, 121, 59(rev red), and 203(reverse)
Age 46 is a good year for a Sacrifice...

Corey Ian Haim=67, 121, 68(rev red), and 203(reverse)
The Two Coreys=59(reduced), 58(rev red)
Of course dead at 38 along with many other celebrities. 

Corey Feldman is 5 months 8 days(end date) older than Haim. 

Indiegogo Campaign=310...
Reminds me of Corey Haims Death Day 3/10. 

In regards to molestation and Corey Feldman it reminds me of Michael Jackson. 
Michael Jackson=124.....(another important number lately). 
Michael Joseph Jackson=197, 109(rev red)
Feldman born on the 197th day of the year. 
King of Pop=109
He died in "Los Angeles"=109

The article on Fox News even shows Feldman with his wife on 10/9. 

The Child Molestation stuff is also fitting with what I was documenting about Priests and the Jesuits back in June. 

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