Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Couple who survived Las Vegas die in Calfornia car crash-Final Destination

Seems a little like the film Final Destination lately. 
We got the story of the lady who survived and then lost her hom to the California Wildfires. 
Then the death of Kymberley Suchomel who survived and said there were multiple shooters. 
Now a story of a couple that survived who dies in a car wreck in California.....
Who knows.....
Final Destination=73, 172, 98(rev red) and 260(reverse)
We'll see if we keep getting deaths of people involved in this. 
I see they made a book series based on the films and one of them involves Las Vegas. 

I also think it's funny that they died Oct 16th yet just not reported on mainstream? The victims last name is Carver.....thinking about Halloween and Carving Pumpkins. 

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