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Death of Ralphie May connected to my video about him being a sacrifice soon and my Fat comedians Video-The Big Lebowski-Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas

I was wondering why I had some comments on an old video about Ralphie May-Sam Kinison-Fat comedians earlier at work. 
Now I see why, Ralphie May has died today 10/6. 
Interesting he dies 18 days before the World Series begins. In the video where I talk about him possibly dying connected to a sports championship in the near future. I thought it might be for SB 51 or the 2017 NBA finals as he has the connections to Houston. Now I'm wondering about the Astros? 
Have to admire the 319 views I had when I checked it. 

Notice they gave me a little tribute in connection to my video saying he will possibly die soon. 
I put the video out 1 year...1 month 24 days before he dies. 
Ralph May=94
One Hundred Twenty Four=94(rev red)
Also 55 days. I said there was a "Ralph" Theme...
Ralph Theme=106...He dies on 10/6. 
10/6 to 8/12 is also 10 months 6 days. 
A big thing I discovered from this video a few days later is how fat comedians have a connection to 124. 
Kevin Meaney=124
Chris Farley=124
John Candy dies 124 days after his bday. Also dies while filming "Wagons East"=124
Sam Kinison=124 
Kinison dies 124 days after his bday. 
Kinison also dies 1 month 24 days after Ralphie May's bday. Kinison got May his start and so on..

I never noticed until now that I made that video 124 days after the anniversary of Sam Kinison dying too. 
John Belushi born on 1/24. 

The Ralph Theme was in connection to the Big Lebowski actor dying. 
David Huddleston dies on 8/2. 
Jeff Bridges the other Jeffrey Lebowski in the film born on 12/4. Huddleston dies 124 days before 12/4. 

The Houston Astros have won both of their post season games this year so far with a score of 8-2. 

With the End Date, Ralphie May dies 421 days after I made a video of him possibly dying soon. 
421 is the 82nd prime number. 

The first video I put out about multiple Fat Comedians connected to 124 was put out on 8/19. 

Notice 8/19 is 231st day of the year. 

Ralphie May dies 231 days after his bday of Cardiac Arrest. 
Cardiac Arrest=231(reverse)
The Big Lebowski=231
A few other interesting 231's. 
Angel Gabriel=231(reverse)
National Anthem=231(reverse)
Two Hundred Thirty One=94(rev red)
Ralph May=94

David Huddleston=162
Ralphie May=162(reverse) also 108, 54
Baseball=54, 162.....108 double stiches
Major league Baseball=162
Play 162 regular season games and so on. 
He broke 42 bones in a car accident. 
The MLB season began on 4/2. It's the 142nd season of the MLB according to Wiki. 
Forty Two=142
In a bit I mention this about Chattanooga and 211. 2/11 is the 42nd day. 

My Ralphie May video was also where someone had told me about Ralph Kramden from the tv show " The Honeymooners". 
Remember my uncle was in connection to this with the Flintstones. 
The Flintstone characters based off of this show. 
Flintstones aired 166 episodes. 
Barney Murphy=166 and so on..
John Goodman was King "Ralph", also in The Big Lebowski also Fred Flintsone.  Remember in the Big Lebowski "Donny" dies......Donald Trump? 
That movie about finding "Bunny" too. Just makes me think of Hugh Hefner dying and the Playboy Bunny? 
Fred Flintstone loved Bowling....

In the film "King Ralph" John Goodman's character even a piano player in a casino in Las Vegas before he becomes the King. 
In regards to 91...queen elizabeth ii is 91 years old right now. 10/6 is 197 days before her bday.  "Prince"=197....
197 is also the 45th prime..(Ralphie May dies age 45)
Elizabeth II=106.....Ralphie dies on 10/6. 
Fat Comedian=91
King Charles III=91(rev red)

Ralphie May also from Chattanooga, Tennessee....
Think about that in what I've been documenting... I said I was always told my grandma was from Chattanooga Tennessee, but actually it was a town called Flintstone, Georgia about 10 miles from Chattanooga. 
Fred Flintstone=211(reverse)
Flintstone, Georgia=211
Chattanooga Tennessee=211
Ellie Ruth Murphy=211
Her bday 2 months 11 days before our neighbor died on the 211th day of the year. He died at "Hillcrest Rehab Cottage"=211

Ralphie May dies in Las Vegas....Of course we just had the shooting in Las Vegas on 10/1. The Astros won 101 games this season. The Flintstones had a second movie called "Viva Rock Vegas. Also don't forget the Las Vegas Shooting happened the same day OJ Simpson the former Buffalo Bill was released from Prison. In my Big Lebowski video I talk about the former owner of the Buffalo Bills RALPH Wilson and the Bills losing the SB in 1991. King Ralph came out in 1991, Big Lebowski signs the check on 9/11/91. I mention how the Twins won the WS that year even and the connection between Buffalo and Minnesota with Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. 
After Obama's final state of the Union speech he went to Omaha, Nebraska and then to Baton Rouge. In Baton Rouge he gave a speech at McKinley HS. Baton Rouge named after the Red STICK of the Houma(Homa) people. Alton Sterling story in Baton Rouge. Then Philando Castile story in Falcon Heights, MN which is famous for Teddy Roosevelt giving a speech about carrying a big STICK. He was Mckinley's Vice president. He also gave this speech just days before Mckinley was assassinated at the World Fair in Buffalo. 
Falcon Heights=127
Houma people=127
Red Stick=127(reverse)


Notice John Goodman didn't reprise as Fred Flintstone. Instead this guy played him. 
He turned 53 on the same day my Uncle Barney died. 
Viva Rock Vegas=196(reverse)
Mark Ian Addy=196(reverse)
Flintstone Georgia=196
Ellie Ruth Arthur=196(maiden name)
Father Joel David Mcneil=196
Joseph John Behrendt=196
Knight of Columbus=196
Overweight comedian=196
Buffalo Club=196(reverse)
I mention Buffalo Club as this is where I went after my grandma's funeral and got inspired to write about Henry Ford...remember the 211's in that post? 

Ralphie May dies age 45 after the NBA Finals began 4 months 5 days ago. It's also interesting as he dies 4 months 5 days after MAY. 
Also interesting as said in my previous video that 124 and 61 were the Fat Comedian numbers. 

Also interesting "Tyrod Taylor"=124(reverse) and 61(rev red). The Buffalo Bills QB. 
The 1991 NFL season was the last time the Super Bowl was in Minnesota until the 2017 season. 
Buffalo Bills=45
Curse of the Billy Goat in 1945...
Miami=45(Back to the Future)
He dies in Las Vegas...Route 91 shooting on the day that leaves 91 days in the year. 
Chicago Cubs=91....Ralph Theme....91 stuff. 
Ralphie May born on 2+17+72=91

May also dies 33 weeks exactly after his bday. 
Ralph Duren May=156
Thirty Three=156
156th prime is 911. 
Chattanooga Tennessee=911(satanic)
Trolls/Troll Film 12/4 Post

Interesting the last time I mentioned Ralphie May possibly dying this year on my blog was on 12/4/16. 
It was 306 days before he died and it was on a post about "Trolls". 
10 months 2 days....and I mentioned the guy who invented the Troll Doll was born on 10/2 and died 102 days after his bday. 

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