Monday, October 16, 2017

Ralph Theme on Facebook tonight-Yesterday at Work a Flintstones reference 231

I just got on Facebook and this was one of the first posts on my Homepage. 
Ralph Macchio huh? After I've lately been documenting about Ralph again. 
Underground on Top=211(reverse)

I've been working on a Music Gematria video and I didn't post anything yesterday, but I wanted to document what happened to me yesterday. 
At work a girl I work with told the other lady that she should be Pebbles from the Flintstone on Halloween. I thought to myself how odd she would mention something about the Flintstones. 
The same girl later brought up how some other person she knows said all holidays are pagan holidays. She is a super christian and won't be able to accept truth for a long time, or at least that's the vibe I get from her.  I just let her talk and said nothing as I don't need enemies at work. Eventually the time will come when I can slip some knowledge in, but yesterday was not that time. 

So later in the day I cleaned the oven and turned it back on. While waiting for the oven to heat up I had an order. I glanced at the temperature to see how much longer it would be and of course it was 231 degrees. 
231 has been everywhere lately. 
I've shown how it has connection to 124 as well and didn't realize something until yesterday. 
My pregnant girlfriend's due date is 1/24. 
Ralphie May died 3 months 18 days before 1/24. 

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  1. It's strange that you bring this up. I was just in a debate with a friend last weekend, about what Ralph Macho movie was the best. I of course argued Crossroads. Also, I'm surprised you didn't notice the Ralph Smart videos I've been sharing on the ol' BookFace. Just to throw another Ralph into the mix.