Sunday, October 22, 2017

Trump to release classified JFK Documents-Marilyn Monroe unseen photos

Interesting we got this story about Trump releasing the JFK Documents. 
Remember Trump met Pope Francis on 5/24 which was the 144th day of the year and his 4th month 4th day as president. (Forty Four=144). JFK died 5 months 24 days after his bday and 144 days(end date) after meeting the Pope in 1963. 
Classified Documents=312(reverse)
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=312(reverse)
Four Hundred Seventy Seven=312(Jesuits)
JFK the only Catholic president-Trump the Jesuit. 
35th president.....Catholic=35 and so on....

It's also interesting we got a story recently about unseen photos of Marilyn Monroe. She was the first centerfold in Playboy....we just had the death of Hugh Hefner....Think about the connections of Marilyn Monroe to JFK. 
Also I just recently documented the first "Transgender" centerfold in playboy that was all about "64". 
JFK connected to Civil Rights....
Civil Rights=64=Lyndon B Johnson who passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and died age 64. 
Jackie Kennedy died age 64.....
Don't forget the Melania stuff in regards to dressing like Jackie Kennedy earlier this year. 

Notice Jackie died exactly 32 years after Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to JFK. She sang it 10 days before his bday. 
Remember Lincoln had a dream 10 days before he was shot about being shot. The Dream on 4/4...He was shot on 14/4. 
Ten Days Later=144
Forty Four=144
April Fourth=144

RFK gave a speech in Roseburg, Oregon 10 day before he was shot and later died at 1:44am. Think about that and how it connects to Playboy and the Las Vegas shooting as well. Last year in 2016 we got the Roseburg, Oregon School shooting on 10/1 which is Playboys anniversary....

Notice Marilyn Monroe sung to him for his 45th bday although he was still only 44 years old.....Trump the 45th president but only the 44th person to be president. 
Ten Days Later=45

November 5th would be 10 days after these documents are released and November 5th is also 144 days after Donald Trump's bday. 
Also November 5th is 17 days before the anniversary of JFK dying...
It's 2017....JFK born in 17' and Trump was 17 years old when he was assassinated. 
Seventeen=44(rev red) JFK died on the first day of "Sagittarius"=144

Marilyn Monroe died 2 months 17 days after singing Happy Birthday. She died on the 217th day of the year as well. 

They supposedly had an affair at Bing Crosby's house on 3/24/62. 

Bing Crosby died 164 days after his bday. 

JFK died 1 year 6 months 4 days after Marilyn sang Happy bday. 
Fifth of November=164
November Fifth Two Thousand Seventeen=164(rev red)
Just makes me think of Anonymous and Remember the 5th of November......They used Zach's blog post from 8/5 which is the day Marilyn Monroe died....

JFK dying on 411 ELM Street is interesting too as lately I've noticed Freddy Krueger movie marathons on. I know it's close to Halloween, but I haven't seen Friday the 13th or Halloween Marathons, but Nightmare on Elm Street seems to be on a lot. Just last night I watched part 4, 5 and 6. 

Four Hundred Eleven Elm Street=314...
Remember the first 144 digits after the decimal of Pi sum to 666. 
Lincoln died at 7:22am....7/22=3.14
Seven Divided by Twenty Two=314

Also interesting as 10/26 is Hillary Clinton's bday....
Hillary Clinton=172
Marilyn Monroe=172
John Kennedy=172(reverse)
Playboy Magazine=172
Playboy Bunny=172
Hugh Hefner died 172 days after his bday....

One last thing that stands out to me in researching this. 
So Melania dressed like Jackie Kennedy in the RALPH Lauren outfit. 
The story at Bing Crosby's house says Monroe called RALPH Roberts. 
After singing Happy bday she continued to sing the song "Thanks for the Memory" which was composed by RALPH Rainger". 
Rainger died in Palm Springs, Palm Springs is also where Bing Crosby's house was.....
Palm Springs=144

I'm also thinking about Lee HARVEY Oswald.....
Lee Oswald=411(satanic)
He killed JFK at 411 elm street. 

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