Monday, October 30, 2017

Family Guy Kevin Spacey Joke about sexual assault-Seth MacFarlane knows the Future-Space Theme-Benson

Does Seth Macfarlane know more than he lets on? Well Duh lol...
He makes a creepy joke about Kevin Spacey years before it happens. He knew Bruce Jenner was a transgender. He knew Robin Williams would hang himself....The Boston Bombing episode just weeks before it happened....Death of Paul Walker....Scott Stapp in the episode with Randy Quaid joking about the Illuminati and then Stapp says the Illuminati trying to kill him a few months later. He joked about Harvey Weinstein....and so on..
Ted 2-Seth Macfarlane seems to know the Future

People seem to forget he was also supposed to be on Flight AA:11 on 9/11 that crashed into the North Tower along with Mark Wahlberg(TED). 
It's just so stupid, last night while watching the World Series I even heard the announcers making a joke about how someone had the Back To the Future Sports Book. It's just outright mocking. 

Macfarlane supposedly had a hangover when he missed his flight. 
Seth MacFarlane=126

The Kevin Spacey episode is season 4 episode 4 called Don't Make Me Over. Interesting this story comes just days after Seth Macfarlanes 44th bday too. 
It came out on 6/5/05 which leaves 209 days in the year. 
Kevin Spacey Fowler=209 also 119(sk)
Family Guy=119
Remember 2005 was the last time the Astros were in the WS...
Two Hundred Nine=204=Houston Astros
Episode 54....."Baseball"=54

In this episode with Kevin Spacey the news people also say coming up Joan Rivers speaks to us from Beyond the Grave. I just find this interesting as not too long ago she tweeted "Merry Christmas". 

The episode later makes fun of the moon landing being staged at stage 51....
Tin Foil Hat=51
Area 51
Grey Alien=51
Lubbock Lights=51 happened in 51'. 
Thinking about this in regards to Kevin SPACEy as well. 

Interesting Neil Armstrong's total EVA was 2 hours 31 minutes. I've been mentioning this number a lot recently. 

Later in the episode they parody the Partridge Family/Brady Bunch. Brian is portrayed as a racist and then later tries to get Dr. Diddy to listen to his and Stewies musical work. He say boy Benson was a funny show. 
Just interesting as we just got the death of "Benson"(Robert Guillaume) on Oct 24th. 

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