Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Harvey Weinstein Flood Gates-Family Feud articles-Miami Dolphins Drug Use-Ricky Williams-Laremy Tunsil-Chris Foerster

I was just scrolling through Facebook and this article was posted. 
Harvey...a list of Flood Gates...give me a break. 
Hurricane Harvey causing the Floods. 

We also had this story on CNN yesterday. 
Harvey Weinstein's Family Feud. 
Steve HARVEY(Family Feud) at the MayWEATHER fight during the Houston Floods from Harvey. 

How in the world do people not catch on to this? Like when Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen sold their house to Dr. Dre around the same time Alice from the Brady Bunch died. Brady-Bundchen House. Or the first game in Minnesota last year with the Prince Tribute and the opening score a pass from Rogers to Nelson...(Prince Rogers Nelson). Or recently the Dolphins Line coach resigning after doing Lines.  This happens all the time and people are still clueless after telling them over and over. 

The Lines thing reminds me of Laremy Tunsil's bong hit last year. 
Notice Tunsil from "Harvey" Louisiana too. hmmm. 
Marijuana=65, 155(reverse)
White Powder=65, 52(rev red)
Ricky Williams=65
Miami Florida=65
Laremy Tunsil=52, 155(reverse), 74(rev red)
Miami Dolphins=74(rev red)
Remember Ricky Williams retired from Football on 8/2 which was Tunsil's 10th bday too. 

Dolphins first game canceled because of Hurricane Irma and going to be made up 70 days later.....
Miami Dolphins=70

Chris Foerster also born on the day Columbus discovered America and resigned on the day everyone celebrated Columbus Day. 
Christopher Columbus=110
Miami Florida=110

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  1. And the Cocaine is called Columbian White on da skreets.