Saturday, October 21, 2017

Marilyn Manson riddle for World Series-Astros vs Yankees game 7

I was reading through the comments on Zach's blog about Game 7 of the Yankees vs Astros. 
Someone posted about the Astro's pitcher Morton's bday being 22 days after today. He also pitched against the Yankees when they did the tribute to Derek Jeter. The Yankees lost and stayed on 22 wins that game as well. 
Also tonight is CC, Sabathia's 22nd career start. 

It just reminds me of the Marilyn Manson stuff. Remember he was injured while performing Sweet Dreams in NYC. 
That song came out exactly 22 years before the 113th World Series begins. 
Twenty Two=165
Sweet Dreams=165(reverse)

Originally they reported he was cancelling his shows from Boston until Houston, but now it says up to Las Vegas. 
Remember this story was in the media on 10/1 the same day as the Vegas Shooting as well. 

Manson's new album is connected to Revelation 12 which was being pushed during the Eclipse and 9/23 this year. Which reminds me of the Space theme..Houston. 

CC Sabathia born on 7/21 which is the day Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon. 
Neil Armstrong=165
Scottish Rite=165
Morton is currently 33 years old. 
The series is currently 3-3. 

7/21 is also 3 months 3 days before the World Series begins. 
Sabathia's bday is also 92 days before today 10/21....
New York Yankees=92(sk)
Morton's bday of 11/12 is 11 months 12 days before the WS. 

As I'm typing up this blog, my girlfriends brother turned on some music in the other room. Of course "Sweet Dreams" was the song that was playing. He had no idea I was even typing this post. I even asked him, "Are you really listening to Marilyn Manson?". Then I showed him the blog post I was writing.  Haha and also his birthday is of course 9/23.
Kodee Ramsdell=52, 124...interesting 
Sabathia wears # 52...
Revelation number twelve=124(rev red)
Revelation Hashtag Twelve=124(rev red)

There is for sure a riddle with this Marilyn Manson story that's connected to this.....I mentioned the Kenny Powers stuff with him as well..
Kenny Powers=165
His career on the show ended after a loss to the Dodgers....

Marilyn Manson playing a show in Houston on 1/24..2018 as well. 

He was also in 1 episode of East Bound and Down....It came out on 11/3...13. 
Season 4 episode 6.....
Houston Texas=46...

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