Friday, October 13, 2017

Christopher Columbus-Queen Isabella I(financer) connections to the day he died and discovered America

Interesting Christopher Columbus discovered America 145 days after his death day. 
Also 4 months 22 days. (see below)

Catholic Queen Isabella I was who financed his trip. 
Notice she was born on 4/22. 
He discovered America supposedly 4 months 22 days apart from the day he died. 
Notice he also discovered it 5 months 20 days or 173 days after Isabella's bday. 
He died on 5/20. 
Isabella I=173(reverse)

Interesting Columbus' death day also 220 days after the discovery date. 
Cristobal Colon=220(reverse)(Spanish name for him)

220 an interesting number in regards to Pope Francis/Jesuits and more. 
They were founded with the 220th Pope, who also completely excommunicated King Henry VIII who was married to Catherine of Aragon. She was the daughter of Isabella I. 
The Jesuit Anniversary is 2 months 20 days before Francis' bday. 
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)
Prince Charles=220(reverse)

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