Thursday, October 19, 2017

Chris Savino "The Loud House" Creator fired by Nickelodeon

How interesting the "Loud House" creator gets fired today over sexual harassment. 
Outlaw vs Sheriff-The Loud House
Joel Osteen Hurricane Harvey-The Loud House
I find this interesting as I have mentioned the Loud House a few times in the past couple months. The first time was when I was reading a post on Facebook and the comment "I fought the Law and the Law Won" just as the "Loud House" said the exact same thing. Then a different time I searched "Consciousness" on the gematrinator and just as I typed it the Loud House said "Consciousness".

The Dodgers just advanced to the World Series too. 
Is that score foreshadowing the Yankees to play them? 
New York=111

Chris Savino=56
Sexual Harassment=56
Christopher Mason Savino=124(rev red)...# I've been talking about. 

Interesting my first post about the Loud House was 53 days ago. 

He gets fired a day after the 88th segment of the Loud House airs. 
Fitting for getting "Fired" and Trump being the president. 
Trump=88 and so on..
The Dodgers just advanced to the World Series for the first time since 88' on Magic Johnson's first Laker game as President of Operations..Magic and the Lakers also won the 88' NBA Finals. 

In this 88th segment they tell the story of Lincoln Loud's birth. He was actually delivered by the First Lady. The President passed out....
President=56, 110
Magic Johnson=56
Christopher Mason Savino=110
The Loud House Family is 1 boy 10 Girls. 

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