Sunday, October 1, 2017

Publisher of Vogue Si Newhouse dies on Playboys 64th anniversary days after Hugh Hefner dies.

Another Magazine person dies now. Hugh Hefner just days ago and now Vogue Publisher. Playboy Magazine founded on 10/1. So today is the 64th anniversary of Playboy. 

Samuel Irving Newhouse Jr=288

Vogue was founded exactly 44 years before Pope Francis was born. It's anniversary was 288 days before SI Newhouse dies. 
Samuel Irving Newhouse Jr=288

Conde Nast Magazine=288(reverse)
Two Hundred Eighty Eight=312(reverse)
Interesting in regards to Pope Francis-Jesuits and so on that I've documented about 312. 

Conde Nast founded 108 years ago. 
Samuel Irving Newhouse Jr=108

Conde Nast named after Conde Montrose Nast who was born on 3/26. SI Newhouse bday is 326 days after Vogue was founded. 
Conde Montrose Nast=70

Ha a second ago I typed in "Magazines" in the gematrinator and right when I did a commercial on TV said something about a magazine. I didn't get a screen shot of it as the stupid DVR switched the TV to record the Simpsons. 

It was a commercial about animals and this company ASPCA.  
Conde Nast=95

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