Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Cub Scouts Will Allow Girls to Join-WD Boyce-Stock Market-Chicago Cubs-Racism

I doubt it's a coincidence we are getting this story about Cub Scouts just before the Cubs game begins. 

All I can think of in regards to this story is how pissed people will be when there are no more girl scout cookies.(In the future)
Girl Scout Cookies=231(reverse)
Girl Scout=124
I keep seeing these numbers together...124,  231....
Also "To Kill a Mockingbird" in regards to the girl being named "Scout" and all the racism in the media stories. 

Boy Scout=42(rev red)
The reason I bring this up is because girls are supposed to be "Brownies" instead of Cub Scouts. 

Today is also 120 days before the 108th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. (Cubs 108 last year?)
Cub Scouts=120(reverse)
Boy Scout=120

This story comes on the 2nd year 10th day of Michael B Surbaugh being Chief Scout. 
Boy Scouts of America=210
Michael B Surbaugh=666(Jewish), 69, 150, 93(rr), 282(rev). 

The founder of the Boys Scouts was a guy with the last name Boyce? Boys...Boyce....William "Dickson"(Dick Son) Boyce...give me a break. It wasn't named in honor of his last name either. He got lost in London on a Foggy street and a Unknown Scout helped him find his way. So he founded the scouts when he got back to America. 

He dies 4 months 3 days after the anniversary of the Boy Scouts...

Also in regards to him dying in Chicago and the Cubs.... he died 4 months 3 days before they lost the 1929 World Series to the Philadelphia Athletics..(Thinking about Darren Daulton death Philadelphia Phillie?)
This was also just before the Stock Market Crash...
William Dickson Boyce=204...
Houston Astros=204

Interesting thing about  the UK version too.....
Just last night when I was looking up Game shows I looked up Bear Gryll. I didn't even realize he was the "Chief Scout" of the Boy Scouts until now. 
I looked him up as I was confusing myself with the Cash Cab guy Ben Bailey. I was thinking the cash cab guy was Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs and somehow I was confusing Mike Rowe with Bear Grylls if that's makes any sense. I don't know why but point being I just looked him up last night. 

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