Thursday, October 19, 2017

John Bobbitt's Severed Penis Story on 6/23/93.

For some reason I decided to look up John Bobbitt. 
John Bobbitt=63(reverse reduced)
Penis=27, 63
Also he was born in "Buffalo"=27, 63
The Incident happened on the 174th day of 1993. 
Buffalo, New York=174

My favorite is that the detective's name was PETER Wentz. 
Remember they wondered where John's PETER had Went after Lorena threw it out the window. 
It happened in, 
Manassas, Virginia=68
John Wayne Bobbitt=68

She didn't get any jail time, but sentenced to a 45 day evaluation in PETERSburg, Virginia. lol seriously. 
John Bobbitt=45
This incident happened on their 4th year 5 day of marriage. 

It also happened 93 days(end date) after John Bobbitts's bday in 93'. 

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