Friday, October 27, 2017

Franklin Prostitution Ring-Boys Town and Father Flanagan

The stupid sexual allegations are rampant. I just posted about Corey Feldman, but the Bush Story reminds me of the Franklin Child Sex Ring that supposedly went all the way up to George H.W. Bush. 
Heather Lind the accuser born on 3/22....fitting for old Skull and Bones George Bush. 

Anyway I covered this story on a video a long time ago, yet I can't remember which one. I mixed it with a bunch of other stories...
I figured I would post some of it on the blog real quick. 
It was a child sex ring that involved Boys Town, Nebraska (Omaha). 
Boys Town=38

Boys Town founded by Father Flanagan. 
Boys Town, Nebraska=60
Father Flanagan=60
Sixty=38(rev red)

He dies 60 days before his birthday in Berlin as well. 

A film called "Conspiracy of Silence" was supposedly supposed to air on May 3rd 1994 on Discovery Channel but then pulled. 
May 3rd the 123rd day of the year. 

This guy was one of the main people involved. According the documentary he was one of the biggest rising african americans in the republican party of the 80's. 
Lawrence King=59
Fitting...."Slave"=59=Negro and so on...

The victims in this documentary always cracked me up too. 
Paul Bonacci....Bone ASS i. 
Troy BONER....
The first priest to do his own investigation of the these allegations was Father Val PETER. 
I mean give me a break.

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