Thursday, October 5, 2017

Yet another Old Person I know dies-Stock Market-Jesuits

Yet another person I somewhat know in my town has died. 
He was the president of the Community Bank in which I used to bank with. I also used to be friends with 2 of his grandsons. 

He dies 53 days after his bday....
Dick Randall=53(k) also 73(rev red)
Community Bank=53 also 73(rev red)

He dies 312 days after his bday as well. 
312 has been a super important pattern all year in regards to the Jesuits/North Korea/Las Vegas Shooting...
Dunlap Savings Bank=187
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)
October Third=187
This guy was supposed to parachute out of an airplane during the 150th anniversary of our town this year. For whatever the reason, I believe health issues it got canceled. 
Parachute=51(rev red)
Sky Diving=51(rev red)
Helicopter=51(rev red)
I mention this because a girl I work with was telling me about going to Hawaii and staying with Dick. Also one of his grandsons that I know lives in Hawaii. 
Banker=51 and 261(satanic)
It says he was a "bombardier"=51 in WWII...
Still seeing this 261....
Ninety Four=51(rev red) Age he died. 

I'm really interested in regards to the fact he was a Banker and dies on 10/3. Remember all of my stuff about the Stock Market Crash connected to 103? 
Stock Market Crash=103(rev red)
The World Series begins 103 days before SB 52 at US Bank Stadium. The World Series also begins 261 days after SB 51. 
DMX The Great Depression Stock Market 103
World Series-Super Bowl 52 Stock Market Crash connections 103
Man Gets Stuck in ATM-Stock Market
Depression Trending Topic-Chester Bennington-Chris Cornell

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