Thursday, October 19, 2017

Looking Back at Old Info-Jay Z-Twins-Oblivion-Montagraph 166-Jesuits-More 231 in my life

Beyonce and Jay Z Twins-Yankees-Dodgers
I went back and looked at what I was talking about in regards to Jay Z and Beyonce's TWINS. Trying to piece together a bunch of information this year, not just for baseball but for the actual point of it all. 
I just now noticed something though...
Sir and Rumi Carter=191
New York Yankees=191
Society of Jesus=191
Carter Twins=150, 147(reverse)
World Series=57(reduced), 147, 150(reverse)
Clooney Twins=57(reduced), 60(rev red), 150(reverse)

Funny I documented a bunch of stuff on this blog in regards to the number 60. I always mentioned this with the Twins. 
Minnesota Twins=60
New York City=60

The Yankees haven't made the World Series yet, but if they do it makes me wonder in regards to the TWIN stuff....Possibly I was being called a "Doubting Thomas", because I thought Yankees and then started looking elsewhere for the Jesuit connections? 
Doubting Thomas=60, 168
New York City=60, 168

Twin Towers=166
Empire State=166
The Drone in the film Oblivion is # 166
Tom Cruise(Jack Harper) is wearing the Yankees hat....
The Jack Harper that survives at the end is Jack Harper # 52, thinking in regards to Super Bowl 52. 
Lately I've been talking about the Flintstones stuff again that involves 166. 
Montagraph 166-One Six Six
Montagraph gave Zach the One Six Six warning in April, and remember he warned Zach on 12/23 and then a car crashed into Zach's house on Christmas Eve. 
He said it was a "Double Vision Remote View"=312(reverse)
The Jesuit 312 stuff. 

Also he said it was because of "CHREVPLCR"=138, 105(reverse)
One Six Six=105, 138(reverse)
Zachary Hubbard=138
12/23 to 4/25 is 4 months 2 days. (Possibly the video came out on 4/26 though?). I can't find it for sure...
At the Time Montagraph(the umbrella man) had 424 Subscribers on Youtube. 
One Hundred Thirteenth World Series=166

I commented a bunch of stuff about 166 on Zach's post in regards to it. I mentioned how the angel gabriel came to Daniel, Zechariah and Mary in the Bible. Then later that night some lady named "Mary Tofflemire"=166 called in and talked about Montagraph and mentioned "Pigs"=166 more than once. I looked over and I was sitting next to 2 stuffed animal pigs that my daughter wanted me to watch over when she went to bed.....

All of the Angel Gabriel stuff stems back to the date of 3/26 which is the day Oblivion was first released in Buenos Aires(where Pope Francis is from). 
Buenos Aires=513(Satanic)
Angel Gabriel=513(Satanic)
South America=191=Society of Jesus
Pope Francis=404(Jewish)
King James=404(satanic)
Prince Charles=404(Jewish)
404 verses in revelation. 
2015 was 404 years after the King James Bible came out, also when Pope Francis visited the United States arriving at 4:04pm. 
Four Hundred Four=211(reverse)
Six Hundred Sixty Six=211(reverse)
Body and Blood of Christ=211..also 911(satanic)

Oblivion came out 13 days after Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13/13. 
Six Hundred Three Score and Six=313
Oblivion also 124 minutes long....
124 the Fat Comedian thing....
Simpsons were showing me Freemasonry stuff. 
Family Guy=124(reverse)....I just talked about Ralph Cramden being on the episode about killing Fat guys. 

Also today I thought school got out early and went to pick my daughter up. I got to the school and noticed no one was there and I looked at the time. It was 2:31pm. I figured out it's not until next week and I came home. I turned on the TV and Fear Factor was on. The time to beat on the bottom of the screen was 2 minutes 31 seconds. 
Also I didn't document what happened to me on Monday night at work with 231 yet. 
It was really slow and I was killing time reading some info on my phone. All the sudden it felt as if my heart skipped a beat. It freaked me out and I was checking my pulse and it happened a bunch more times in the next few minutes until it finally went back to normal. To calm myself I started walking around a bit and was trying to find something to do to keep my mind off of it. I had a pizza in the oven and I walked to see how much time it had left and it was 2:31. I then kept thinking how crazy as Ralphie May died of "Cardiac Arrest"=231. This has happened to me before and every time from heart burn. On Monday I ate slice of pizza and put Tobasco sauce all over it, so I'm sure it was probably just heartburn. 
Tobasco Sauce=124.....I mean there's the connection of 124 and 231 yet again. 

Two Hundred Thirty One=266
Pope Francis the 266th pope. 
Think about how I've mentioned so much about the Jesuit connections to multipled events this year. 
It's 33 years after the 444th anniversary of the Jesuits. 
Jesus died age 33. 

I was just typing in some stuff on the Gematrinator, I found this interesting...
The Fallen Angels=666(satanic)

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