Saturday, September 30, 2017

Henry Ford-The International Jew-Mein Kampf-47, 88, 114

Yesterday was my grandma's funeral. After it was over many of my family members started drinking and what not. We went to the Golf Course Club House and by the end of the night I ended up at the Bars. After listening to people all day long talk about sports and Trump and the basic bullshit,  I finally couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer. Then I got asked about Henry Ford. Of course the Data on my phone ran out so I had to do everything in my head after drinking enough for a Rhino. 
The guy that asked only gave me his bday and death day. While it doesn't sync up to the gematria of his name, his info is still interesting. I told the guy at the bar that I don't have enough info about Henry Ford to completely look at it. As many people die in connection to what they are famous for, such as Wendy's founder Dave Thomas. 
Anyway I told him just look at the day he died....4/7 of 47. I explained a bunch of what I showed below about 47, but it wasn't enough so it inspired me to look up more and write this blog post. 

Notice Henry Ford died on 4/7 of the year 47'. 
Ford Motor Company=211
The 47th prime number is 211. 
Euclid's 47th problem...
The Freemason Compass set at 47 degrees. 
Foundation=47=Framework=Authority=President=White House=Government
Think about it too. 2/11 is the 42nd day...Washington's Bday. 

He was also born on 30/7 in the year 63'. 
307 is the 63rd prime number. 
Remember June 3rd...6/3 is the day that leaves 211 days in the year too. 
I explained a lot of this to him, but of course he wouldn't listen. He was stuck on "Freemason"=42 so why doesn't his name and his bday equal that? 

In regards to Freemasonry as well. Ford died in Dearborn, Michigan. 
Dearborn Michigan=87
Eighty Seven=58, 139
Freemasonry=58, 58, 139

Henry Ford dies 114 days before his bday. 

Ford Motor Company founded 1 month 14 days before Henry's bday. Interesting I look this up  and it's also in it's 114th year of being a company. 

How interesting that Ford is the only American mentioned in Mein Kampf. I just posted about Mein Kampf a few days ago.  
Think about this in regards to World War as well. 
World War=114
Pearl Harbor=114
In regards to the News lately...
Kim Jong Un=114

Hitler mentioned him because of Ford's stance on Jews. Ford also wrote "The International Jew". 
The International Jew=88, 223
Notice he published it on May 22nd which leaves 223 days in the year. 
Think about 88 as well. 
Mein Kampf=88 also 47(red rev)
Heil Hitler...HH...88 and so on. 
Adolf Hitler=61(rev red)....WWII lasted 6 years 1 day. 

Notice Henry Ford died 8 months 8 days after his bday too. 

Notice also how it says the International Jew was an influence to Nazi leader Baldur von Schirach? He said many Germans looked up to Henry Ford over the Herbert Hoover. lol. 
Herbert Hoover...HH...88
Notice Baldur dies on 8/8 too. 
Baldur von Schirach=88

He also dies 91 days after his bday and 9 months 1 days before his bday. 
WWII began on 9/1....

I'll look more into Ford later. I have to go play a gig and just got back from a wedding. 

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